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Welcome to Connaught Place

Taste of China

Oriental quickies, Chinese and Thai casual dining and a lot of relaxed gourmet fun - thats the simple story of Taste of China, where the taste is King  Read More

M. Ram & Sons

Now an elite boutique for European wedding collection, M. Ram & Sons has been a center of attraction even since its inception in 1939. Founded by Shri  Read More

Ram Chander & Sons

Products : Toys, Gifts etc The country’s oldest toy store, Ram Chander and Sons (RCS Toys), proudly stands next to the erstwhile Odeon Cinema -  Read More


QBA is centrally located in the business district of New Delhi : Connaught Place and is primarily a casual dining outlet spanning 14,000 square feet.  Read More

Latest Buzz

Rainbows and Rain Dance at Raahgiri in Connaught Place

Rain Dance at Raahgiri Day Connaught Place 19th April 2015 Thanks to the Fire Services Week  Read More

Enjoy IPL 2015 with Screening on Big Screens in Connaught Place

After the ICC world cup, the IPL Fever is back to grip all cricket lovers , IPL 2015 starts  Read More

What to expect at Raahgiri Days at Connaught Place

Raahgiri Days As per the official Raahgiri Day website, the event was initiated to make Gurgaon  Read More

Ghazal Festival at Connaught Place Central Park

Ghazal Festival at Connaught Place Central Park, Commemorating “Begum Akhtar”  Read More